Restaurant and Bar


At the Hotel Univers, our restaurant is a definite highlight, showing the Andorran love of food, mixing French and Catalan cuisine to offer the best of both.

In winter, hearty stews and other dishes predominate, giving you the chance to replace some of those calories lost after a full day on the slopes.

In the warmer months, we shift towards lighter choices, with salads, pates, and so on more in evidence – though there’s always some heartier options available, in case you’ve been hiking or biking (or shopping!) all day.

We also offer a picnic service, so that you can take your lunch with you each day if required.

All dishes are prepared by our chef and his team.


The hotel has a small bar for a coffee, an infusion or tea, soft drinks, or something stronger at any time of day. Share a moment of downtime with your friends, family or partner in the lounge on the first floor, playing pool or just enjoying the rest and relaxation with a drink or refreshment after a day of nature, sport or shopping .